How to stop at least £5000 being taken from your estate when you die

Funeral costs are set to increase by over 50% by 2020 – here’s how you can lock in today’s prices.



  • Do you want to protect your loved ones from financial burden?
  • Do you want to take away the stress and worry of funeral planning?
  • Do you want to lock down the cost of your funeral?


According to SunLife, funeral costs are on the rise.

A funeral plan which would have cost you £1,920 in 2004, will now cost you £4,260, and by 2022 it will cost you £4,944.


And, this is just the cost of a basic funeral. The actual final cost, by the time you add in limousines, flowers and a wake, can be as much as £8,802.


So, the big question is:

Who is going to pay for this?


The last thing any parent wants is to burden their children. That’s not what we are here for.


It is our responsibility to protect those that are dearest to us.
Unfortunately, most people leave it too late, all too quickly the nest egg you wanted to leave to your children gets swallowed up in funeral arrangements.
The bitter pill to swallow is that most of us underestimate the costs of our own funerals. This leaves our loved ones having to pick up the bills. So at a time when our loved ones are grieving, they are also running around trying to find ways to make the financial ends meet.


Don’t worry, there is wonderful news for you…

Again, and again more people over 50 are turning to funeral plans. These plans give you extra protection and help you say goodbye to worry. Knowing that you have protected those you cherish gives you peace of mind. With this, comes the freedom to enjoy your life. The freedom to live, knowing you have ensured your families security. You will allow them to grieve unhindered by additional stress and worry.

Put Your Mind at Ease Knowing This Worry Has Gone For Good.


Plan Ahead – Worry will disappear and you can be reassured everything will be in place

  1. Affordable – You can decide how best to budget for the costs, making it affordable for you.
  2. Flexible – There are a variety of payment options. This could be a single lump sum payment, or a weekly investment.
  3. Fixed Prices – Fix the price you pay today, knowing that you are paying the best price available.
  4. Protect yourself – Funeral costs will rise, this is guaranteed. Be secure in knowing you don’t ever need to worry about the future increases in costs.


So, how much are you willing to invest for both your and your family’s peace of mind?

Find out how with Personal Funeral Cover.

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